Jack and the Beanstalk Characters

Dame Dotty Troy (m, singing role) – Chris Cooper
Dotty runs the local dairy with her sons Jack and Silly Billy, though they’ve fallen on hard times and now only have one cow left – Daisy. She’d do anything to get rich – and if she can bag a new husband while she’s at it then all the better!

Patch the Vegetable Fairy (f, singing role) – Emma Doran
Patch sadly has limited magical ability as she can only do vegetable-related spells – but that might come in useful where beans are concerned! She’s Jack’s fairy guardian and just wants to help our hero fulfil the prophecy and save the village from Giant Blunderbore.

Fleshcreep (m / f, singing role)
Giant Blunderbore’s henchman, Fleshcreep might possibly have a chip on his shoulder about not being the real villain of the pantomime. Yet he does Blunderbore’s bidding, stealing the village’s children – and in an act of cruelty, even manages to capture Daisy and Princess Jill too.

Jack Trot (f / m, singing role)
The hero of our pantomime, Jack is always making DIY contraptions to try and kill the Giant…but he’s been unsuccessful thus far. Forever struggling around Princess Jill, he’s got to face the biggest challenge of his life – and hopefully he’ll find his self-confidence while he’s at it so he can finally ask her to marry him.

Princess Jill (f, singing role)
The principal girl of the pantomime and daughter of King Crumble, Princess Jill definitely wears the trousers in her and Jack’s relationship. Not one for the typical ‘damsel in distress’ sob story, she’s going to need Jack’s help to escape Giant Blunderbore.

Silly Billy (m / f)
The comic of the pantomime, son of Dotty and Jack’s brother, Silly Billy’s heart is in the right place but he’s a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

King Crumble (m)
The King likes to think he’s in charge, but sadly Fleshcreep has him under the thumb. Forever trying to keep the villagers safe, he ends up losing the thing that’s most precious to him – Princess Jill. Let’s hope Jack can get her back!

Hustle & Bustle (m / f)
The double act of the pantomime, Hustle and Bustle work for King Crumble, usually chasing down rent payments that Dotty has missed!

Prime Minister Jobsworth (m / f)
Definitely not based on a real politician, Jobsworth is tasked with leading the villagers through the latest stats and slides. What could possibly go wrong?

Mrs Moody (f)
Kidnapped by Fleshcreep when she was young, Mrs Moody has worked as Giant Blunderbore’s housekeeper and cook for years. If only she got the chance to finally escape…

Giant Blunderbore (m)
A Giant bully in the sky, he threatens the folk of Merryhale with eating the village’s children if they don’t pay the rent.

Daisy (m / f)
The Trots’ last possession, Daisy is their final dairy cow.

Chorus of Villagers, Children and Spooks.