Sleeping Beauty

Jan 2014

Sleeping Beauty, by Thom Faulkner, played from Wed 15 – Sat 18 Jan 2014.

In the Kingdom of Merryhale, Princess Talia is celebrating her 18th birthday. But Beatrice, the wicked fairy has other plans. Pricking her finger on a spinning wheel, the Princess falls under an evil curse and is sent to sleep for 100 years.

Can Prince George break the spell with love’s true kiss? And can Talia’s friends Bubbles and Willow, Dame Doris and Betty the fairy save the day in this hilarious pantomime?


Prince George – Jack Bushell
Igor – Matt Fitzgerald
Willow – Emma Davies-Doran
Gordon – Simon King
– Chris Ansell
King Henry
– Steve Carey
Queen Olivia – Angela Ingram
Princess Talia – Lucy Williams
Dame Doris – Thom Faulkner
Philip the Royal Announcer – Pete Bayliss
Beatrice – Beth Hughes
Betty – Melody Faulkner
Tommy & Timmy – Stephen Head & Sam Marshall
Chorus – Chloe Cardin-Stewart, Emma Benton, Nalia Ahmed, Katie Mansell & Lauren Walker


Director – Sarah Jones
Stage Manager – Emma Williams
Technical Manager
– John Campbell
– Katie Mansell & Lauren Walker
– Eileen & Joyce
Set Construction
– Marcus Taylor
 – Chris Cooper