The Recruiting Officer

Aug 2016

The Recruiting Officer, by George Farquhar, played from Tue 23 – Fri 26 Aug 2016.

It is with the promise of money, glory and adventure that Captain Plume and Kite are recruiting the men of Shrewsbury for the army. Plume is also determined to make a conquest of Silvia, but as she is now an heiress she can afford to put him to the test. All the while, the scheming Melinda is toying with the affections of Captain Brazen and Mr. Worthy. From military manoeuvring to sexual strategies, Farquhar’s triumphant The Recruiting Officer is an unashamed shambles of love, lustiness and victory in battle…and the bedroom.

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“…a brave and imaginative production”Love Midlands Theatre


Silvia – Emma Benton
Melinda – Bethany Hughes
Lucy – Georgie Yarham-Baker
Rose – Alice Park-Davies
Ms Scale – Angela Ingram
Mr Balance – Simon King
Captain Plume – Ricardo Alexander
Captain Brazen – James Johnston
Sergeant Kite – Liam Thorley
Mr Worthy – Joe McElligott
Bullock – Harvey Grant
Pluck – Chris Beacham


Directors – Jack Bushell & Emma Benton
Stage Co-ordinator – Emily Thomson
Technical Co-ordinator – Andrew Exeter
Aesthetic Co-ordinator – Melody Faulkner
Creative Assistance – Corey Baker-Wyatt, Jack Christou, Josh Exeter, Michele Faulkner, Dan Kananagh, Chris Moss, Shan Nolan & Meg Porter