The Wind in the Willows

Aug 2018

The Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame in a new stage adaptation by Mike Kenny, played from Thu 23 – Sat 25 Aug 2018.

Tired of spring cleaning, Mole leaves Mole End and ventures out to the riverbank, where he befriends Ratty, the gruff Badger and the infamous Toad of Toad Hall. Together they explore the Wide World, and the Wild Wood, and try to keep Toad out of trouble…

Production Gallery

Photography: Joe McGeehan


★★★★ “a tremendous piece of storytelling…a superb production for all the family”Sincerely Amy

“a firm family favourite and SSA Drama did it proud” – Paul Douglas, NODA

Audience Reactions

“Oh my, what a wonderful evening watching The Wind in the Willows! I thought I would enjoy it but it was brilliant, the set, the costumes, the singing and the comedy, loved it.”

“Congratulations to the cast of The Wind in the Willows – superb show, really well done to all.”

“Great show tonight, stunning sets as always, and Mr. Toad was so freaking funny!”

“Really loved your production of Wind in the Willows. Very funny and sweet. I’m still humming ‘Ratty and Mole and Mr Toad!”


Mole – Erin Craddock
Rat – Emma Davies-Doran
Toad – Ricardo Alexander
Badger – Rachel Pinwell
Chief Weasel / Otter – Harvey Grant
Portly – Zara Mae Dowler
Horse / Person 1 & 2 – Jen Alton, Liberty Severn
Billy – Huw Perry
Hedgehog – Harvey Gibbs
Judge / Bargee – Judy Preece
Rabbit / Clerk – Amy Williams
Gaoler’s Daughter – Liberty Severn
Washerwoman – Angela Ingram
Train Driver – Luke Newman
Riverbankers / Wild Wooders – Jen Alton, Zara Mae Dowler, Harvey Gibbs, Chloe Greenham, Angela Ingram, Luke Newman, Huw Perry, Judy Preece, Liberty Severn, Adam Williams, Amy Williams


Director – Chris Cooper
Assistant Director – Pete Bayliss
Composer – Evee Cooper
Costume Design – Melody Faulkner, Michele Faulkner, Andy Moore
Hair & Makeup Design – Melody Faulkner
Set Design – Chris Cooper, Francis Cooper
Stage Manager – Emma Benton

Rehearsal Gallery