Principal Auditions


  1. Select characters you’d like to audition for
  2. Choose your timeslot
  3. Print out and complete an audition form – bring this to your audition

If you are interested in auditioning for a principal role, please take a look at the character list here (opens in the new tab) and then see the relevant script excerpt and song (if required) below.

These don’t need to be 100% learnt, but please be familiar with them so you’re not just reading the lines – we want to see expression and characterisation.

If possible, please print out your excerpts and bring these to audition. A limited number of copies will be available on the day – but we don’t want people reading from their phones.

All cast members will be required to act, sing and dance throughout the production – though you may not have your own musical number.

All those auditioning for principal roles will need to audition for two roles.

Once you have selected which roles you wish to audition for, don’t forget to select your audition timeslot using the link below. Add your name in the left column and then select which date / time you wish to attend.

If possible, please book for the relevant date – but if you are unable to attend one or the other, it’s fine to book for the other date.

  • Friday 3 September, 6:30pm – Principal Auditions for age 16+
  • Friday 10 September, 7:30pm – Principal Auditions for under 16s

If you can’t make either, simply let us know! There may be the possibility of seeing you at a different time or making other arrangements. Email

Audition Form

Download the form on the link below:

Audition Pieces

Silly Billy

King Crumble

Hustle / Bustle

Prime Minister Jobsworth

  • Use King Crumble’s script excerpt – and audition as King Crumble

Mrs Moody

Giant Blunderbore